A Legendary Team of Experts Unified Under One Single Goal
  • The Mission Of The CouncilDemonstrate analysis and correction strategies for optimal human function, generating cross professional understanding of methods for improving patient results, and creating collaboration opportunities among varying health care professionals.
  • Premise Of The PodcastEach show will provide a different case presentation where every council member will give an in depth explanation on the specific analysis, exam, and correction strategies providing the listeners with implementable action steps to better serve their clients.
  • Objective Of The CouncilHelp health care professionals see different correction strategies from other angles and professions. Increasing the clinical knowledge and ability to help patients based on the learning from these case presentations. To engage inter professional collaborations, and acceptance to give the patients the best possibility for health.
What To Expect
  • EXPANDED View Points

    With 7 World Renowned experts all discussing the same case presentation you are bound to hear something that supports your skill set, as well as some information and tools that will expand your skill set.

  • In DEPTH Look At Analysis & Evaluation

    Each Council Member divulges their primary thoughts on how they would analyze and evaluate each case presentation demonstrating new and in depth ways to look at dysfunction.

  • Objective, Effective Correction STRATEGIES

    With the objective to enhance human function each council member will give their expert representation of the most effective correction protocols and strategies pertaining to the case presentation being discussed.

  • Implementable ACTION Steps

    Walk away from each episode with a new bag of tricks, giving you the tools you need to immediately begin helping your patients get world class expert level care.

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